What You Can Do!

Get Involved

Those who are involved in aviation have many organized, powerful voices to look after their interests as Gillespie develops. But most of us have no one to speak out for the safety and quality of our lives as our neighbor becomes bigger and busier.


Find your voice! Get involved!

There are many exciting things you can do right now to make your voice heard:

  • Use this form to file a noise complaint online! OR -- Call John Otto, Airport Assistant Manager at 619.956.4810 or the FAA/FSDO at 858.502.9882
  • Attend public meetings regarding Gillespie Field Airport Plans
  • Research ways in which our community is being impacted
  • Contact political representatives and public officials to advocate for safe airport policies
  • Contact neighbors and others about increasing awaremeness
  • WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! Below, please find easy instructions on how you can contact the decision maker of your choice.

Form Letters

  1. Simply highlight and copy the letter shown below.
  2. Click this link: Report a Concern
  3. Paste the letter into the email form that appears on screen.
  4. Click Send

or, print out the sample letter and mail it to the El Cajon City Council.

Form Letter

Mayor Lewis and Members of the City Council,

Your decision to accept Pacific Scene Commercial’s demands to drop restrictions on truck traffic serving their proposed 35-acre Gillespie Field industrial complex is disturbing because it appears you have negotiated away any sort of control on noise, quiet hours and vehicular emissions.

Fletcher Hills is already burdened by noise, safety and emission issues from training aircraft.

I respectfully request a response from you on what actions you and your staff are taking to protect Fletcher Hills residents from day and night time noise, sleep loss due to night time traffic and activity, and health concerns related to toxic emissions from trucks and aircraft.

Sincerely yours,

  1. Simply highlight and copy the letter shown below.
  2. Open a new email and paste the letter into the body.
  3. Email to dianne.jacob@sdcounty.ca.gov.
  4. Click Send

or, print out the sample letter and mail to Supervisor Dianne Jacob, County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

Form Letter

Supervisor Jacob,

Increasing touch and go operations at Gillespie Field have been eroding the quality of life and the safety and security of our neighborhoods. Helicopter flights and late night jet operations are also problematic.

Our families in the communities surrounding the airport have suffered enough. We have sat through conferences, heard talk of noise abatement and promises of fewer schools only to find that the promises cannot hold and that the present schools are expanding. We have seen no relief. In fact with the expansion in progress, conditions will only worsen.

You and the Board of Supervisors have the authority to request our federal government representatives Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer take steps to stop touch and go operations and establish enforceable curfews and a noise code at Gillespie Field. This could be done by asking for a waiver from the outdated regulations imposed by the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990.

If you are serious about protecting the health and well being of all your constituents, I urge you to take action on my request.


  1. Simply highlight and copy the letter shown below.
  2. Open a new email and paste the letter into the body.
  3. Email to any of the state and federal representatives listed below.
  4. Click Send

or, print out the sample letter and mail a hardcopy to the offices of a representative.

The Honorable

Your help is needed writing legislation to protect a large number of your constituents.

I live among a growing number of neighbors whose homes are located close to an expanding regional airport, Gillespie Field, in El Cajon California. We have become aware of how little protection against aviation and shipping interests we receive from local, state and federal laws.

When the economy is good we are bombarded in our homes and yards by very low flying old, leaded avgas-guzzling, piston driven aircraft . They practice take off and landing maneuvers over our heads for hours on end.

We have no curfew, no effective noise codes, no airport noise or pollution monitors, no effective way to report and discipline egregious pilot offenses, no effective framework for non-business homeowner participation in airport development.

Federal, state, and local aviation laws are written arbitrarily and slanted in favor of aviation business interests. Please tell me what you are willing to do to address these grievances.